Author’s Note

Since I have an exam on electrostatics, electric fields, capacitance, and etc. (doesn’t just the sound of that make you cringe? Bleh.), I haven’t had a chance to make as much headway as I would like. So I will be postponing the update temporarily — my best estimate is sometime this weekend, however, that may change.

Until then, I leave you with one of my current favorite songs from a band that Raj and Ananya will be going to see soon. I also put up a collection of images (which can be found here) that have inspired me, which I’ll update throughout the course of this story.


Hopefully, the chapter will be up soon!


22 thoughts on “Author’s Note

  1. All the best choti
    Will wait

    I just now saw that U have updated chapter 3 – will read now
    I have unfollowed and followed your blog in the morning and I think that worked – I just got an email alert from WP for this note of yours

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