Three years ago, Ananya Iyer and Rajshekhar Malhotra parted ways when she moved to New York . They meet again at a wedding, neither expecting to face the other. As they struggle to gain closure, they realize that perhaps closure may not look as they thought it should. 


There is an index at the top of the page that contains direct links to all the chapters, as well as a page for the latest update. The follow buttons and the search bar are on the right hand side. There is also a playlist that includes the song for every chapter, as well as a page of photos that inspired me or reflect the story.

 A Note About Updates

Updates will be sporadic, due to my uncertain and busy schedule as a student. I will try to be as regular as possible though, and I hope you stick with me through the duration of this story.

17 thoughts on “About

      1. Yes.

        Meera help me out, i get two motifications from you beginagain from wordpress and get an inkwell notification too which is password protected. Looks like the same story but couple chapters ahead with few more bites😃
        Am I right, can you share the password. If not I will waot as you update on wordpress.

        Love you


    1. I’ve been really busy with school, but I get done on December 20th and I’m hoping to post an update sometime around then. This semester proved to be unexpectedly difficult.😦


  1. ahhhh…my previous long comment didnot get posted…anyhow the update is awesome and yes trust is the foundation of any relationship.


  2. I was reading Kahaani when I found you! Though I think I’ve been here before I was surprised to know that you are Meera Narayan.! Choti, I absolutely love your works and will definitely comment.
    You are a phenomenal writer, Gulaab!


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